Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Head of UNAMA, Roza Otunbayeva called on IEA-Foreign Minister.

In this meeting, discussions were held regarding the forced deportation of Afghan refugees, humanitarian assistance of UN and other welfare organizations for the returnees with IEA, and the latest report of the UN Special Assessor on Afghanistan including other diverse issues.

FM Muttaqi said that war in Afghanistan has ended completely, thus, it would be better that the United Nations and the international community encourage and support the achievements of the Islamic Emirate in terms of ensuring security, stabilizing economy, governance, countering narcotics and other domains, and to shift focus to resolving severe issues such as economic sanctions, unfreezing the reserves of Da Afghanistan Bank, and helping Afghanistan become self-reliant.

Adding further, FM Muttaqi said that Afghanistan has the only legitimate and competent channel for addressing international issues. Therefore, it is vital that countries and organizations of the world to move forward for engagement with Afghanistan rather than creating parallel and additional mechanisms, they should work for strengthening the existing mechanisms in Afghanistan.

To end, appreciating the constructive response of IEA to earthquake of Herat and the process of Repatriation, the Head of UNAMA highlighted the participation of UN bodies, saying that they will play their role in combating drugs, supporting farmers and returnees, and creating jobs in addition to humanitarian assistance, they have also brought about opportunities for micro finance.

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