Absentee TAZKIRA

The Embassy of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is not the authority to issue Tazkira (Afghan National ID). Only, part of the process for obtaining a Tazkira in absentia can be initiated through this Embassy. An Afghan, who wish to obtain a Tazkira, can initiate the process at this Embassy based on having one of her/his paternal relative’s Tazkira including father, grandfather, siblings, uncles (father’s brothers), aunts (father’s sisters) and cousins of father’s side. 

Fee: The Embassy does NOT charge for this service.


  • Application Form. The applicant needs to fill an application form available here. The name and contact number of a representative or relative MUST be in the application, who will, on behalf of the applicant, follow up the process with the National Statistics and Information Authority (NSIA) in Afghanistan.
  • Tazkira of Parental Relatives. The applicant will need a copy of one of her/his paternal relative’s Tazkira including father, grandfather, siblings, uncles (father’s brothers), aunts (father’s sisters) or cousins of father’s side.
  • Photographs. Five recent photographs (1 photo for Embassy use and 4 to go with the package) with a white background (size: 4x4.5 cm) .

Once an interview is conducted with the applicant on the date and time of the appointment and the completed and duly signed form is submitted at the Embassy, a document package will be prepared by the Embassy. An official letter from the Embassy, addressed to NSIA, will be included in the package. The Embassy will send the scanned copies of the document package to NSIA copied to Consular Affairs Directorate of MoFA. The original package will be returned to the applicant on the same day. The applicant should send the original package to her/his representative or relative in Afghanistan, whose details are included in the application form, for further assessment and processing. After this, the file is closed at the Embassy and requires NO further follow up.
If the applicant fulfils all the requirements and is deemed entitled for a Tazkira by NSIA, he/she will be issued an Afghan Tazkira in absentia by NSIA. Applicant’s representative or relative, mentioned in the application form, can collect the original Tazkira from NSIA, Afghanistan (NOT from the Embassy). Please note that this process requires a long waiting period and depends on the follow up of the applicant’s representative or relative with the NSIA. The Embassy has no control and influence on the process within NSIA .